Enforcers by Manor

The Enforcers Network
A Guide to Anti-Racism on the Internet

About The Enforcers

The Enforcers were founded in 1997 by Ahley, ShdowBoxn, and several other dedicated antinazi activists from the Undernet IRC network.
Originally based in #antinazi, the group moved to #enforcers, a name that better reflected the group's position on racism.
Performing "hits" on racist channels and sites, the group quickly gained a reputation on IRC for their constant humiliation of #kkk, #whitepower, and other racist channels.
More than one racist found themselves disconnected or staring at a blue screen, or had their conversation rudely interrupted...

In 1998, one of our members, Analyzer, was being sought by law enforcement for allegedly hacking Pentagon UNIX systems and web sites.
The entire group stood behind him and his message. This marked a turning point for our small group.
People who had never even heard of the Enforcers began visiting the channel, thinking that we were an IRC war/hacking group, similar to the ones that are common on EFnet.
Eventually the channel got way too large and overpopulated with people who had no intention of actually fighting racism anywhere.
Therefore, we began squeezing out the unproductive members. We now have about 20 or 30 dedicated members who work hard and support our ideals.

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