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A Guide to Anti-Racism on the Internet

Racism and The Internet

The Internet has made it possible for hate groups, racist organizations, and the like to spread their message
without having to worry about protests, riots, or the expense of staging rallies, concerts, and mass mailings.

This has also given them a far more efficient means to reach their number one target group: schoolchildren.
Taking advantage of the fact that more and more schools are Internet-equipped, organisations such as the
WCOTC and FreedomNet are driving their message home to thousands of impressionable schoolchildren daily.
By equipping their sites with racist games, colorful graphics, and music, they're drawing even more
unsuspecting kids into their sites.

The kids feel the need to identify with something, to be a part of someone, and these sites take direct advantage
of this. It doesn't stop there. While at home, these same kids are able to easily access thousands of sites, each one
extolling the virtues of racism, hatred, and violence. Schools, by and large, seem completely apathetic and/or ignorant
to the dangers, and most parents aren't doing much better.

The Internet's not just for kids, though. The Net, especially instant messaging and e-mail, has made it remarkably easy
for members of the organisations to stay in touch with each other. It has also given these once-localised groups and
organisations the power to recruit from beyond their home area. A WP militia in Alabama might now consist of members
all around the nation, and even all around the world.

This ability to recruit nationally, previously only available to the large organisations, is spreading
and can turn even the smallest racist group into a global power.

Enforcers exists, in part, to attempt to combat this trend. We would like to see racist material kept off the Internet. If that's not
possible, or realistic, as is often claimed, then at least there should be equal opportunity for anti-racist sites to gain national
exposure. Anti-racists outnumber the racists, by most counts, and the anti-racist organisations can take advantage of the Internet as well to unite their memberships and fight.

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