[My Life as an MMORPG Addict]

1988: I discover Mad Maze while playing around on Prodigy. Here, I learn the basics
of text mapping, puzzle solving, and monster killing...

1991: As a subscriber to TSN, The Sierra Network, I discover Medievaland and its
wonderful game The Shadow of Yserbius...before long I was an RP addict in RolePlay Inn!

[Character List]

* Zoxxinn, Level 70 Dwarf Wizard. No guild. Death: Formatted hard drive due to virus.
* SirZantac, Level 100+ Dwarf Knight. Honorary member of SQUIGGLES.
* /DARKSYDE/, Level 100+ Barbarian. Member of the guild the New OutRiders, NOR; rank Dungeon Master -
I was awarded the first Dungeon Master title in the history of NOR, as NOR*DM/RI. The qualifications for
being a DM included knowing every area of Yserbius, and being able to complete all quests, including En-li-kil and Arnakkian.
* /MUTATOR/, level 999 Barbarian (Vitamin F.)
* Farouk, of Twinion, a Halfling Thief. Member of the guild Heroes of Twinion, HOT; rank Captain.
Home was Volcano Run or VR, hence the epithet: CPT*HOT/VR.

1997: I join The Realm (version 2.0) as SirTagamet. I have a few screenshots from this game.
Before Version 3 came out I spent most of my time hanging in Jumpers' Corner, pkilling newbies for mana restore orbs.
After Version 3 I levelled a Wizard version to 113, GMing in necro, thaum, sorcery, and mastering many others, along with
a master in PickPocket, and some skill in armor and weaponsmithing.

Realm Screenshots now available here.

1999: I discover Revenge of the Jedi, a Star Wars-themed MUD.
2000: I become an Immortal (wizard) on RotJ.
2008: I start playing World of Warcraft (Nassin @ Azgalor US.)

Random TSN/INN Tidbits:

- I have VitaminF, Jesus, and the TSN 2.0 infinite exp bug macro.
- I have saved copies of my character filees from TSoY/FoT.
- I have some SierraMail TSN Newsletters ffrom the guild of NOR.
- Things I love to remember... War Hammerss of Doom..forcing Infinite Armor...Challenges!...
Challenge Log Sheets, too...the En-li-kil quest, especially the rainbow part of it...Spending a week
to figure out Arnakkian's area without getting dropped off that damn invisible bridge...
Wondering what the heck Easter Eggs were for in FoT...RobinHood helping me get through parts of FoT...
Guilds such as MERCS, KAAOS, B'FAST, NOR, SoF, KoY, TDY, SQUIGGLES, SoY, and many others...
Discovering Pandemonium and the Celestial Plane in FoT...Hail All/...LadyAnne The Lazy Weak Thief...
- I have TSN 2.0, 2.1, .. 2.3 on floppy disk still, along with TSN 10.4 (the original.)
- I remember wishing INN supported 9600 BPS...
Wonder how she'd run on DSL...

My TSoY Repository here.

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